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I’ve been bad

5 Apr

The last month has not been kind to my waistline.  Here is the summary:

  • I finished finals.  4.0 baby
  • I ignored my WW e-tools for the entire duration of finals and spring break.
  • I ate so much good food on vacation.
  • I signed up for a half marathon in July (!) and ran 4 times during spring break (though nothing over 3 miles).
  • I started a hellacious new quarter at school and am tired everyday and have not exercised ONCE since I got back a week ago.
  • A new fro yo place opened up really close to my house.

But, thank goodness, there is no limit to fresh starts.   I will have to start training seriously by May if I want to beat my PR in the half, but that’s a month away.  I’m hoping that’s enough time to get adjusted to the new swing of things.

It’s all about momentum.  Just gotta get on that train and ride it.

Yes I’m going there.