23 Feb

Whew! My weekend of indulgence has come to an end.  It sure ended with a bang — I had flown back to my city already when the real food fun began — deluxe cheezburger, fries, donut, gift chocolate, lasagna.

Not surprisingly, the scales show that I gained 0.4 lb this week.  So basically I am where I was 2 weeks ago.  Was two weeks of effort and a little weight gain worth it for all the indulgence?  You betcha.  That’s the attitude I’m taking.  It’s not like it was 4 lbs, it was 0.4 lb.  And if I didn’t get to have a binge frenzy once in a while, it wouldn’t be sustainable.

I didn’t even really bother tracking on e-tools once it got to a certain point this weekend, but let me see if I can remember some of the food porn highlights:

  • M&Ms on the plane
  • homemade apple pie with caramel balsamic ice cream (yum?!?!?)
  • fresh homemade whole-wheat bread (countless slices…well, we had two loaves and they were gone by the end of the weekend, between 3 people)
  • restaurant breakfast – “home bread” (fried homemade bread…aahhhh butter!), a slice of french toast and syrup, 2 poached eggs, fruit, coffee
  • garlic beef in saucey sauce from a chinese restaurant, plus brown rice
  • “protein” bar. It was mostly peanut butter.
  • goat cheese & portobello shroom open-faced sandwich plus smoked trout & avocado & potato salad.  amazing
  • mounds & york peppermint patty-flavored fro-yo with oreo topping
  • plus the calories listed above once I got back into town

I can see how all of that would put me half a pound over.  Plus pretty much no exercise all week.

Oh well — back on the wagon today.  And the veg-jihad is in full force.  I will get extra super duper lots of veggies from Chipotle for lunch today. 😀


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