19 Feb

My mom makes a killer loaf of handmade whole wheat sunflower seed bread. I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Also, this long weekend will be full of merriment because I am home and three of my dearest, oldest friends, all of whom I have known since I was at most 6 years old and one of whom knew me at 0 days old, are also coincidentally in town. Plus, lunch with Grandma tomorrow. I can’t make any promises about sticking to a plan until I go back on Tuesday.

I did, however, resist the bundt of Monkey Bread that I made last night before my flight, which is a gift for friends house/cat-sitting. If there is indeed an afterlife where the good people go, I believe it must smell exactly like a kitchen with an oven baking Monkey Bread. Pecans, butter, homemade caramel, fluffy dough, cinnamon sugar. Freaking amazing. Even more so that I didn’t cram the whole thing down my pie hole. That’s what she said.


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