real slow, and real steady

16 Feb

Down 0.2 lbs this week…HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Please refer to my fluctuations post.  This means nothing to me, really.

Assuming I really neither lost nor gained anything this week, let’s consider all of the “off-plan” things that occurred:

  • overall, I went over by 36 points, but that’s not including the apparent 27 points I earned in activity (so really just 9 net points)
  • Cheeseburger, fries, Thai food, and dark chocolate on Wednesday. Chipotle with rice and sour cream, and Mexican food pt. 2 on Thursday. English muffin, half & half, pizza, wine, and fro-yo on Friday. Beer, wine, and brownies on Saturday. More fro-yo & toppings on Sunday. Shortbread chocolate cookie on Monday. 7 or 8 pieces of weird Japanese candy and 100 cal of honey biscuits, plus a giant bowl of pho (with rice noodles) on Tuesday.

So really, considering all of that, no loss should have been expected.  Needless to say I could’ve done a lot better.  The first half of the week was a lot worse than the second half, so I’m hoping to continue this pretty decent trend and have some better progress for next week.

One positive thing I will say about perspective and progress so far: despite fluctuations, lately I have been consistently at least 5 lbs lighter, if not more, than I was 3 weeks ago.

Off to Zumba, clean my entire house, and finish up some homework before the end of the week & weekend gets underway!


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