9 Feb

Week 2 success: 1.5 more lbs! HOORAY.

However, at first I only lost 0.4 lbs according to my digital scale.  Then I took off my pajamas and magically dropped another 1.1 lbs.

Which brings me to my point:  I love biofeedback, and so I can’t stick to the once-a-week-ONLY weigh-in.  I only officially record my weight once a week, but it bugs me too much not to know how things like eating a big meal, or a small meal, or working out, or pooping (sorry) affect me.  I can easily fluctuate five pounds or more in a day.  Usually lightest in the morning, heaviest at night, but not always.  When I was running a lot, I could drop 7-8 lbs after a long run, but bring that back up after a restorative post-run meal.  And of course it’s very possible that it’s just my scale who’s got the problem.

I don’t see anything wrong with indulging my curiosity, knowing that fluctuations are normal and that downward trends are all I really should be interested in overall.   It’s frustrating, though, when I want to see week-t0-week progress.  I have to wait all WEEK to know if all this stuff is having a real effect, but when I go to weigh in, something like pajamas can throw things off.  And this is why consistency is so key in weighing in, but sometimes even this doesn’t give an accurate short-term picture.

I know that moderation in diet stems from the same mental processing and general psychological principles of patience and self-control — things I need to work on in LIFE, anyway.   And maybe I just need to convince myself that I’m in it for the long-haul, anyway, and after I’ve been successful at this for a YEAR I can look back and really have some awesome numbers to show for it.  Weekly successes are the building blocks, but the goal needs to be complete lifestyle overhaul — and that’s hard to see when your perspective is through a microscope.

Next up, when I’ve got more time:  we’ll check in on my veg-jihad.  I have a feeling they are not making me fat-wah! (womp womp)


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