math skillz

6 Feb

Man, I’m really glad I’ve got so much crap due this week because it’s allowing my  procrastinating habits to delve  into depths I never imagined and I’m turning out some delectably crafted morsels.

That’s right…you learned how much I love cooking in the last post, but did you know I am also a preemptive stress baker?  Not a stress baker, because I’m not pouring my stressed-out energy into batches upon batches of cookies; but rather, a baker who is most productive when she should be focusing that concentration in another area of her life.  Which means, inevitably, the delicious wafts of fresh-baked-whatever coming from the oven are just a harbinger of bad stressy days to come.

In a past life, I would’ve been using butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, and all of the good things in life to sustain this habit.  So this tasty fatty blood-pressure-raising stuff would be ready for me to devour when I shifted into my next role, the Stress Eater.

Not so anymore.  Today, I make my sweets with BLACK BEANS.

OK.  These are absolutely NOT South Beach friendly, but they’re pretty  much vegan and have extra fiber!  I know it sounds weird, and maybe it will be because they’re in the oven right now and I haven’t tried the final product, but I couldn’t taste any bean factor in the batter.  It was GOOOOOOD.

The problem with being the prolific treat-maker that I am is that not every recipe has a WW point plus value (obviously) and the more ingredients something has the trickier it is to stay on plan and figure out the numbers.   This was also the case with the amazing lettuce wraps I made tonight (I ended up just counting the chicken breast and hoisin sauce, since those are really the only substantial ingredients — water chestnuts, onion, and shrooms having 0 P+values).

For the Black Bean Brownies, I had to make some decisions.  The box of Ghirardelli walnut brownie mix I had lists the nutrition facts for JUST the mix, which is helpful for me but I had to scoff realizing that if anyone else was ever silly enough to care about nutrition facts while making brownies, this would be totally misleading, because the oil and egg is where the fat and cals really bulk up, and they’re not counted.

So the box says that one sixteenth of the mix is one serving (HA!) so I doubled that, natch.  Then, I had to add in the black bean nutrition….carry the 1, divide by 16 times 2, let’s see here… so an eighth of a package the way I’m preparing it here will be EIGHT POINTS+.  Plus a glass of fat free milk, and I’ve got a pretty little 10-point after-dinner snack.

I know this is not an exact science, but I’ve also got to figure out how to cut my circular pan into eighths…hopefully these will be more fudgey than cakey because cake doesn’t cut as well out of a pie dish.

My other option was to make this WW variety.  I even figured out that 24 Splenda packs equal the sweetness of one cup of sugar so that I could make those even less carby.  I’ll save ’em for next time I’ve got a 10-page paper and a midterm on the same day.  For now, we’ll stick with da beanz.

UPDATE:  Well I loved them.  Totally worth the 8 points.  And, I was FULL afterwards…from a brownie?!  I love beans.  J said it had an aftertaste, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


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