2 Feb

Well first of all, I lost 4.1 lbs. this week, SO THAT IS EXCITING.  However, I weighed myself on my digital scale which as mentioned earlier is probably losing batteries and wacked out.  Also when I weighed myself later in the day I was like 4 pounds heavier.  But I’m sticking to the consistent weekly weigh in time of being early morning before breakfast and totally dehydrated and after going to the bathroom (hey, it makes a difference).   I’d also like to point out that these supposed 4.1 lbs. included a week that involved a beer, fruit, and multiple occurrences of sweet things (including drizzles of honey on yogurt, for example).  I could’ve done better, but I was also not depriving myself.  I also only ate about half of my 49 weekly anytime points.

But back to the topic of this post: vegetables.  I was curious to see how much veggies I’d had this past week after I watched a clip of Colbert interviewing a VP at Walmart who is partnering with Michelle Obama’s anti-kid-obesity cause to lower prices on vegetables in their stores.  (Side note: not sure I’d ever buy vegetables from Walmart, does that make me an elitist?)  So I stole the term “veg-jihad” from Stephen’s quip about the first lady’s powerful new ally against this growing health crisis.   I think it’s apt.  A veg-jihad is exactly what my diet needs.  Kill ’em with kale.  (’em being fat cells?)

Anyway, looking back on the past week (Weds to Weds), let’s see how I did:

W:  1.5 cups broccoli; lentil soup w/ veggies (1.5 cups); 10 baby carrots

Th: 1.5 cups lentil soup w/ veggies; 1/2 cup chopped bell pepper; 2 cups roasted vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, zukes, eggplant)

F: 3/4 cup roasted veggies; 1/2 cup bell peppers; 2 cups lettuce

S: none?!?

S: 1 cup roasted veggies; 2 cups lettuce & raw salad veggies

M: 1 serv Chipotle veggies; 2 cups lettuce & raw salad veggies

Tu: 1 serv Chipotle veggies; 1 cup stir fry veggies

So that’s not including any fruit or beans.  And I just realized I’m only counting the veggies I logged on my WW e-tools, and since veggies are free, I don’t always include them (especially if it’s not a substantial part of the meal, like practically a garnish).  But I think this is relatively accurate.  And I’m not too pleased. I could do way better.  I don’t see any veggies at breakfast.  Veggies for breakfast still seems a little absurd to me. Am I wrong?  But there’s no reason it has to be.  What is the recommendation now, 5 a day?

There are some obstacles.  First, laziness.  Washing and cutting vegetables and storing them and then remembering to eat them before they go bad.  These things take effort.  But who am I kidding, so do all aspects of trying to live a healthy lifestyle.   Vegetable eating is just another little habit I need to trick myself into owning.

So maybe this week I’ll concentrate on this holy struggle to consume plants, and see if I’ve improved my count.

Oh, quick note on today:  I made this as a dinner side, added avocado, and it was super yummy.  I also ended up going overboard since my point breakdown was 13 for breakfast, 13 for lunch, and 14 for dinner.  All still low-carb-friendly, healthy foods…just too much, I guess.  Stupid delicious chicken chutney sandwich from Solstice.  (Ok the bread was not low-carb-friendly.)


2 Responses to “veg-jihad”

  1. Shanners February 4, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    Yes, that makes you an elitist. I buy produce at the dollar store because it all has to meet the same standards, no matter where it’s sold. Snob.

    • youwillnotdieyoung February 5, 2011 at 3:33 am #

      it’s not like I only buy it at Whole Paycheck or something, jeez. I am still getting used to the idea of seeing fresh produce at big box stores. you know how Target and Walmart have that smell? yeah, there’s something unappetizing about produce that’s been sitting in that smell. but maybe I need to get over it.

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