a rare occurrence

31 Jan

I find myself now in a situation that rarely occurs:  I’m done with dinner, and I’ve still got 8 points to use out of my WW allotted 33 per day.  Whaaaatttttt do I do with them?? In all honesty I’m not stuffed, but I’m not that hungry either.  Here’s a run down of my food today:

B – 1/4 canteloupe; 1/2 c FF cottage cheese; coffee & skim (1 WW P+)

L – Chipotle burrito bowl with steak, black beans, extra veggies, pico de gallo and salsa verde, cheese, and lettuce; Coke zero (10 WW P+)

S – Kind almond cashew bar; tall decaf americano from Sbux, with skim and a little splash of half & half (CHEATING!!!! oh well) (6 WW P+)

D – an entire package of Trader Joe’s Indian Fare Madras Lentils (2 servings); a big ol’ green salad with bell peppers, cukes, and cherry tomatoes, plus 1.5 T homemade honey mustard vinaigrette (8 WW P+)

Total: 25 WW P+

And I felt like lunch was pretty indulgent with that steak and cheese.  I guess my breakfast could’ve been a little heartier, and I didn’t have a morning snack because I got my lunch around 11:30.

So do I pat myself on the back, hunker down to do the studying I’ve been putting off? Or do I calculate precisely what to eat that will cost me 8 more points??

Here’s the good thing:  I feel like I”m on such a roll that I have no desire (OK, maybe a little bit of desire, but nothing significant to act on) to spend those 8 points on ice cream, which does happen to be sitting in the freezer right now.  And I resisted J’s deep fried mac-n-cheese balls tonight.  Go me.

I have a feeling it’ll end up being another sloppy mocha ricotta mush for me…ah well, satisfies the sweet tooth and makes me not want to put anything else in my stomach.


One Response to “a rare occurrence”

  1. Shanners February 4, 2011 at 1:17 am #

    They say you don’t have to use all your points if you’re not hungry, but who are they kidding? There’s always room for a treat.

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