oh god sleeping in is so fantastic

27 Jan

So yeah remember how I said Thursdays suck because I have to get up early?  Not when I half-consciously decide that my morning class doesn’t mean much and punch the alarm off in a sleepy stupor.  Ahhhhhh.  Hello, 11am in pajamas…I think I could get used to you.

I’m normally much more responsible than this.  This is the first class I’ve missed yet in 1.5 quarters of grad school.  I don’t plan on making a habit of it.  Haven’t been sleeping well lately, though, and I’ve been holding out on playing the “sinus headache” card for several weeks.  Somehow I feel I deserved it.

Anyway, this foggy morning called for something other than a cold breakfast.  Instead, I made this.  Added 1/3 c frozen blueberries.  DELICIOUS.  So that nixes my walnut snack since that’d be too many nutz for a day, but that hearty morning meal is plenty to carry me through several hours of mid-day class.


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