plan for thursday 1/27

26 Jan

Tuesdays and Thursdays suck. I’ve gotta get up early.  They require more stamina and more planning.  Here goes.

B – 1/2 c nonfat cottage cheese; 1/4 c sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes & bell pepper mixed in; coffee & skim

S – 1 oz walnuts

L – 1 can (5 oz?) tuna; 2 tsp reduced fat mayo; celery & onion mixed in; 1.5 c lentil & veggie soup

S – 2 T guacamole hummus; 15 baby carrots

D – roasted chicken (gotta roast that birdy…will try to use less butter spread than before) – 4 oz; roasted veggies (sweet potatoes; eggplant; bell pepper; onion; carrots) – 6oz; green salad w/ 1 T homemade vinaigrette

Dessert if I feel like it – “mocha ricotta” – except I’ll make it with fat free ricotta and splenda

And tomorrow is a ZUMBA night. yessssssssssss!


One Response to “plan for thursday 1/27”

  1. shannon.anders January 27, 2011 at 7:03 am #

    Spin for me tomorrow in my brand-spankin’ new lululemon top. Yee haw!

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