Meat hose.

26 Jan

This is relevant to my post, so why not:

This blog could go in several directions.  Occasional mind-blowing ruminations on weight loss and life? Or just the facts, ma’am? To serve its intended purpose of keeping me on track, focused on my food and exercise, I’ve decided to structure it as something of a confessional, to reflect on what went right day-to-day and to analyze what could go better in the future.   It might be pretty boring.  There might be food lists.  There will be logged minutes of exercise.  There will certainly be some whining.  Just saying.

Anyway, I’ve got meat on the mind.  Read on.

I woke up Monday morning feeling annoyed with having no direction and decided I’d do something sorta low-carby, since it’s what has proven to be the only effective way for me to lose weight in the past.  It also felt like reaching a mental milestone: allowing myself to feel 100% okay with eating meat again, since it’s nearly impossible to South Beach it as an herbivore.  In some future post, for continuity’s sake, I’ll explain why I wasn’t eating meat for a while (generally speaking, it was for health reasons).  The point is that I have reached a place, for now, where I think I’m able to juggle all of the salient aspects of what my diet needs to be, hone in on them, and make it work.  There’s an art to figuring out what works best for one’s body, taking into account all the idiosyncracies.  I haven’t figured EVERYTHING out, obviously, but I have learned enough to know that lean animal protein makes my body a happy one.  And processed carbs, and even carbs without some added protein, make me feel shitty.

I use WW e-tools to track my foods and stay precise in point-values, and I also keep a notebook to plan meal ideas for the next day.  So far, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ve stuck within my point value for the day and have felt pretty full all day.  Much better digestion than when I’m eating lots of carbs.   And eating (good) fat and lean protein is actually something I’ve missed. So tasty.  Laughing Cow lowfat cheese wedges…oh my god.  Trader Joe’s is also now making fat free ricotta cheese, one of the essential staples of a low-carb diet, HALLELUJAH.

I looked through old notebooks (I knew saving them would come in handy) to try and remember what I used to eat during my Golden Age of Weight Loss, henceforth referred to as the GAWL.  (This was a period when I successfully stuck to a low-carb plan and lost about 25 lbs. and kept it mostly off.) I stocked up on all the right foods at TJ’s.  Wanna know what I bought?

carrots, canteloupe, a whole chicken (5lbs.), unsalted sunflower seeds, light shredded cheese, wild mahi mahi (frozen), an avocado, a bottle of pinot grigio, granny smith apples, minneola tangelos, sweet potatoes, fat free ricotta, hummus guacamole (OMG YUM), laughing cow light cheeses, baby lettuce, strawberry fruit leathers, heirloom tomatoes, shallots, zucchini, extra lean chicken breakfast sausage links, frozen asparagus spears, nonfat Fage greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen broccoli, frozen corn, frozen chopped spinach


I also discovered mint-chocolate-chip-flavored Extra sugar-free gum.  It is surprisingly not disgusting, and I could probably trick myself into having this for “dessert” instead of actual mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.  I love innovations in flavor chemicals.

In the exercise department, I haven’t made significant efforts yet this week. Or…for the past few months, actually.  Habit establishment isn’t easy, so the best way is to start out with manageable goals, right?  For now, I’ll stick to trying to make it to a gym class 2 times per week, and do an at-home yoga and/or strength training routine 3 times per week.  It’s only Wednesday. I’ve got some time.  Tonight I’ll do some bedtime yoga.

Two more weekdays, and then I’ve got to figure out how to be successful with food this weekend.


2 Responses to “Meat hose.”

  1. shannon.anders January 27, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    Really? I hated that gum!

    • youwillnotdieyoung January 28, 2011 at 12:43 am #

      yeah, it’s really not that great. but it feels different than popping a straight up mint stick. also its novelty is wearing off. they need to wow me with something special like tiramisu flavored gum.

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