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a rare occurrence

31 Jan

I find myself now in a situation that rarely occurs:  I’m done with dinner, and I’ve still got 8 points to use out of my WW allotted 33 per day.  Whaaaatttttt do I do with them?? In all honesty I’m not stuffed, but I’m not that hungry either.  Here’s a run down of my food today:

B – 1/4 canteloupe; 1/2 c FF cottage cheese; coffee & skim (1 WW P+)

L – Chipotle burrito bowl with steak, black beans, extra veggies, pico de gallo and salsa verde, cheese, and lettuce; Coke zero (10 WW P+)

S – Kind almond cashew bar; tall decaf americano from Sbux, with skim and a little splash of half & half (CHEATING!!!! oh well) (6 WW P+)

D – an entire package of Trader Joe’s Indian Fare Madras Lentils (2 servings); a big ol’ green salad with bell peppers, cukes, and cherry tomatoes, plus 1.5 T homemade honey mustard vinaigrette (8 WW P+)

Total: 25 WW P+

And I felt like lunch was pretty indulgent with that steak and cheese.  I guess my breakfast could’ve been a little heartier, and I didn’t have a morning snack because I got my lunch around 11:30.

So do I pat myself on the back, hunker down to do the studying I’ve been putting off? Or do I calculate precisely what to eat that will cost me 8 more points??

Here’s the good thing:  I feel like I”m on such a roll that I have no desire (OK, maybe a little bit of desire, but nothing significant to act on) to spend those 8 points on ice cream, which does happen to be sitting in the freezer right now.  And I resisted J’s deep fried mac-n-cheese balls tonight.  Go me.

I have a feeling it’ll end up being another sloppy mocha ricotta mush for me…ah well, satisfies the sweet tooth and makes me not want to put anything else in my stomach.


mental progress

29 Jan

In previous ways of thinking, the circumstances of today would’ve driven me to a ridiculous day of eating.  Waking up late, being out during the hungriest hours of the day and not much hydration, eating out late for dinner — it would have easily been a five million calorie day.  However, I think I handled it rather nicely, actually.  B was a quarter canteloupe, a quarter cup of sunflower seeds, a drizzle of honey, and 1/2 c nonfat Fage yogurt.  Then I sorta snacked rather than ate lunch while we were out, on two laughing cow RF cheese wedges, a banana, a small apple, and an ounce-ish of walnuts. I was pretty starving by the time we got to the Mexican place for dinner, but I think I made a pretty good choice: a carne asada plate, with no rice.  This place is a “healthy” Mexican restaurant, and the cuts of beef were really lean.  I’m really bad at estimating, but it was a huge platter and I was starving, so I’m saying it was 8 oz of meat.  With that I had 3/4 c black beans, 1/4 c shredded cheese, 1/4 avocado, and 3 small corn tortillas (plus salsa and lettuce and onion, and a diet Coke).  Oh, and about 6 tortilla chips — but I accounted for those.  All in all I came in only 1 point over my allotment for today.

Oh, and I decided to step on the scale today…not telling, since I only want to officially record it once a week, we’ll see on Wednesday  — but it was awe-inspiring.  Like, I had to double and triple check since I’m pretty sure maybe it needs new batteries.

Plan is to grocery shop tomorrow.  I love weeks when I still seem to have a lot of food leftover from the week before so the grocery trip will be pretty light this week. And I WILL go to Zumba — I’ve got two choices, one at 9:30 and one at noon — no excuses.

On an unrelated note I found out my schedule in March will have 8:30 am classes M through F, which is SO NOT FAIR.  But it does also mean I will have to start preparing for not having as much leisurely morning time, which means I need more ideas for good quick breakfasts and maybe a better system for having food ready to go.

friday recap

28 Jan

Real quick.  Everything went pretty well today, considering.  I was working longer than I thought I would be all day, and that ended in a happy hour with 1 pint of IPA and splitting a medium sized basket of sweet potato fries and maybe 1 Tablespoon ranch dressing with four others.  Not too shabby. And I went with chicken tacos tonight instead of just boring old chicken & salad/veggies…limited it to two small corn tortillas, 4 oz chicken, 1/4 lite shredded cheese, lettuce, 1T reduced fat sour cream, 1/4 an avocado, salsa, onion, cilantro.  So I went about 10 points over on WW, but that’s what those 49 weekly points are for.  I never realized how great this combination of SBD/low-GI + WW was till today.  WW keeps the portions in check, SB helps me pick the right foods.  GENIUS.

Ah the weekend.  Here’s where things could get hairy.  Luckily, I’ve got momentum going for me.  Five days and not losing my head!  Speaking of which, some acknowledgements are in order. Lots of things responsible for these five days of modest success, not the least of which is this little bloggy.  Also I’d like to thank my stocked refrigerator, a relatively not insane schedule this week, and the extra time I took to plan.

Next week’s goal:  actually follow the exercise goal I set this week.  Also: drink more water by paying close attention to my intake.  What’s a good way to track it?

plan for 1/28

27 Jan

Sometimes my laziness amazes me.  I love dancing, I love going to Zumba, I don’t even feel like it’s HARD (which is often why I dread exercise) because it’s so fun, even though I sweat like a mother. Like a mother giving birth. Yes, that’s probably accurate.  Yet sometimes I am so lazy or busy doing something else, that I don’t go even when I would really rather do that than anything else at the moment.  My chicken-roasting got in the way of getting to Zumba on time, so about an hour before the class start time I abandoned all hope of going.  And now I probably won’t exercise today…unless I can finish my prep for tomorrow’s sessions at a reasonable hour so I can get in 20 min of yoga before bed.

Food today was good again. I went one point over, but that included dessert (ricotta/splenda/cocoa) AND a glass of pinot grigio (I know, not exactly South Beach approved, oh well).  My roasted chicken rocks.  I like spending time dressing the chicken, is that weird?  It is hilarious, jiggling around six pounds of flesh in the sink.  I noted today that it felt like picking up my cat if she were cold-blooded and hairless.  Then I started thinking about how many minutes I would have to roast the cat if it ever came to that.  My stupid thoughts are so amusing.  Anyway, I also like spending time with the whole dead bird because as much as I like to manipulate its joints that still move (creepy) and laugh at sticking my hand up its ass (or down its neck? I can’t tell) to pat it dry before the spice mixture, this animal deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  It came from a (somewhat) local farm, wasn’t frozen, and all its parts will be used and enjoyed.  Giving it a little TLC rub-down, and contemplating if the one I had last week was its brother or its mother, connects me much more to my food than nuking a couple of frozen Tyson chicken boobs.  If I were really hard-core about this I would’ve participated in the turkey slaughter at my friend’s farm last Thanksgiving (they had about nine turkeys, had two for the giant partyfeast, and gave away the others to friends & soup kitchens).  But I think for now I’m good at this limit of “farm fresh” closeness.

Oh right.  The plan for tomorrow:

B – 2 breakfast chicken sausage links, extra lean; 1 c roasted veggie leftovers; 1/2 a grapefruit

S – 1/2 c yogurt w/ 1/4 c blueberries, 1/4 c sunflower seeds

L – 2 oz chicken shreds, 1/2 c garbanzos, lots of lettuce/raw veg; 1 T homemade dressing; 1 T lowfat sour cream

S – apple; 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

D – leftover chicken (4 oz) & veggies (6 oz)

I also learned today that my eyeballing of four ounces of wine is actually very accurate.  I still got it! booyeah

oh god sleeping in is so fantastic

27 Jan

So yeah remember how I said Thursdays suck because I have to get up early?  Not when I half-consciously decide that my morning class doesn’t mean much and punch the alarm off in a sleepy stupor.  Ahhhhhh.  Hello, 11am in pajamas…I think I could get used to you.

I’m normally much more responsible than this.  This is the first class I’ve missed yet in 1.5 quarters of grad school.  I don’t plan on making a habit of it.  Haven’t been sleeping well lately, though, and I’ve been holding out on playing the “sinus headache” card for several weeks.  Somehow I feel I deserved it.

Anyway, this foggy morning called for something other than a cold breakfast.  Instead, I made this.  Added 1/3 c frozen blueberries.  DELICIOUS.  So that nixes my walnut snack since that’d be too many nutz for a day, but that hearty morning meal is plenty to carry me through several hours of mid-day class.

plan for thursday 1/27

26 Jan

Tuesdays and Thursdays suck. I’ve gotta get up early.  They require more stamina and more planning.  Here goes.

B – 1/2 c nonfat cottage cheese; 1/4 c sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes & bell pepper mixed in; coffee & skim

S – 1 oz walnuts

L – 1 can (5 oz?) tuna; 2 tsp reduced fat mayo; celery & onion mixed in; 1.5 c lentil & veggie soup

S – 2 T guacamole hummus; 15 baby carrots

D – roasted chicken (gotta roast that birdy…will try to use less butter spread than before) – 4 oz; roasted veggies (sweet potatoes; eggplant; bell pepper; onion; carrots) – 6oz; green salad w/ 1 T homemade vinaigrette

Dessert if I feel like it – “mocha ricotta” – except I’ll make it with fat free ricotta and splenda

And tomorrow is a ZUMBA night. yessssssssssss!

Meat hose.

26 Jan

This is relevant to my post, so why not:

This blog could go in several directions.  Occasional mind-blowing ruminations on weight loss and life? Or just the facts, ma’am? To serve its intended purpose of keeping me on track, focused on my food and exercise, I’ve decided to structure it as something of a confessional, to reflect on what went right day-to-day and to analyze what could go better in the future.   It might be pretty boring.  There might be food lists.  There will be logged minutes of exercise.  There will certainly be some whining.  Just saying.

Anyway, I’ve got meat on the mind.  Read on.

I woke up Monday morning feeling annoyed with having no direction and decided I’d do something sorta low-carby, since it’s what has proven to be the only effective way for me to lose weight in the past.  It also felt like reaching a mental milestone: allowing myself to feel 100% okay with eating meat again, since it’s nearly impossible to South Beach it as an herbivore.  In some future post, for continuity’s sake, I’ll explain why I wasn’t eating meat for a while (generally speaking, it was for health reasons).  The point is that I have reached a place, for now, where I think I’m able to juggle all of the salient aspects of what my diet needs to be, hone in on them, and make it work.  There’s an art to figuring out what works best for one’s body, taking into account all the idiosyncracies.  I haven’t figured EVERYTHING out, obviously, but I have learned enough to know that lean animal protein makes my body a happy one.  And processed carbs, and even carbs without some added protein, make me feel shitty.

I use WW e-tools to track my foods and stay precise in point-values, and I also keep a notebook to plan meal ideas for the next day.  So far, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ve stuck within my point value for the day and have felt pretty full all day.  Much better digestion than when I’m eating lots of carbs.   And eating (good) fat and lean protein is actually something I’ve missed. So tasty.  Laughing Cow lowfat cheese wedges…oh my god.  Trader Joe’s is also now making fat free ricotta cheese, one of the essential staples of a low-carb diet, HALLELUJAH.

I looked through old notebooks (I knew saving them would come in handy) to try and remember what I used to eat during my Golden Age of Weight Loss, henceforth referred to as the GAWL.  (This was a period when I successfully stuck to a low-carb plan and lost about 25 lbs. and kept it mostly off.) I stocked up on all the right foods at TJ’s.  Wanna know what I bought?

carrots, canteloupe, a whole chicken (5lbs.), unsalted sunflower seeds, light shredded cheese, wild mahi mahi (frozen), an avocado, a bottle of pinot grigio, granny smith apples, minneola tangelos, sweet potatoes, fat free ricotta, hummus guacamole (OMG YUM), laughing cow light cheeses, baby lettuce, strawberry fruit leathers, heirloom tomatoes, shallots, zucchini, extra lean chicken breakfast sausage links, frozen asparagus spears, nonfat Fage greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen broccoli, frozen corn, frozen chopped spinach


I also discovered mint-chocolate-chip-flavored Extra sugar-free gum.  It is surprisingly not disgusting, and I could probably trick myself into having this for “dessert” instead of actual mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.  I love innovations in flavor chemicals.

In the exercise department, I haven’t made significant efforts yet this week. Or…for the past few months, actually.  Habit establishment isn’t easy, so the best way is to start out with manageable goals, right?  For now, I’ll stick to trying to make it to a gym class 2 times per week, and do an at-home yoga and/or strength training routine 3 times per week.  It’s only Wednesday. I’ve got some time.  Tonight I’ll do some bedtime yoga.

Two more weekdays, and then I’ve got to figure out how to be successful with food this weekend.